Member & Staff Testimonials

I’ve been a member of the Fitness Forum for 4 years. My greatest success since joining The Fitness Forum is creating a regular fitness regiment in my life again. I played sports throughout high school and college, but had not been consistently active for many years until I joined the Forum.


I’ve enjoyed building relationships with the staff. I appreciate that the front desk staff makes me feel welcome . The instructors provide competitive, challenging workouts and make necessary modifications to individualize workouts for everyone. They also offer encouragement no matter your fitness level. The Fitness Forum will take away your fears of entering a gym environment.

Amanda PopeMember

I’ve worked at The Fitness Forum for 16 years. When I started, the Forum was still owned by Carolinas Hospital System. The thing that I enjoy most about being part of the team is the “family aspect”. It’s not just a business. I feel that we really care about each other. We are involved in each others’ lives and truly want to see everyone succeed both in business and personally.

Lisa WilkinsAccounting Manager

I am a charter member of the Fitness Forum. My biggest successes since joining are running several half marathons, running one whole marathon and competing in several triathlons. The staff over many years have always been encouraging, helpful and friendly. They have helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle for over 30 years. They keep their classes current and have offered challenges for every stage of my life. I haven’t been bored yet!


The Fitness Forum really cares about their customers and will work with you and guide you at any level whether advanced or beginner to achieve better health and well being. I know their slogan is “Fitness First” but I have always felt that I was valued and my needs and concerns came first.

Allie WalkerMember

I have been a part of The Fitness Forum for 12 years. My favorite part of the job is watching the progress of participants as they reach their short and long term goals and helping them achieve an overall change in effort and fitness. The Fitness Forum is an awesome place to improve your fitness level and make friends along the way. The staff has a wealth of knowledge and motivation to help members achieve their goals for overall fitness.

Bobby BetheaPersonal Trainer

I’ve been a member for almost three years. The Fitness Forum is my happy place. The staff are great…everyone knows you and makes you feel welcome. My favorite part of  membership is the flexible personal training to fit my schedule.

Liz WhitneyMember

I’ve been a member of the Fitness Forum for more than 12 years. They helped me to lose 30 pounds ( and keep it off ) and work to develop a total lifestyle approach to overall fitness. This has been a huge factor in my stress and weight management. Everyone is great, especially Catherine Gough.

Wendell JonesMember

I started working at the Fitness Forum in 1997 as the Children’s Room Attendant. I’ve worked several positions throughout my years here, from Font Desk Attendant to Yoga Instructor to Spa Director. The Fitness Forum team is a close knit family made up of our employees and members. It’s exciting to be able to work with knowledgable staff that are passionate about helping members achieve their health and fitness goals.

Landra Bracey CalcuttDirector of Operations

I’ve been a member of the Fitness Forum sporadically for years and would not use the great facilities for months at a time. However, I joined a group in October 2015 and have been a very consistent member since then. Recently, my wife, son and friends are seeing changes in my physique, including a flatter stomach and definition in my arms. It’s very motivating when others notice your efforts.


The Fitness Forum is family, they care about you, know you, know your goals and encourage you to reach them. Everyone is friendly, accommodating and motivating. I really enjoy my group of “4 fat old men and a skinny lady”. We have fun, hold each other accountable and are friends outside of the gym.

Tim NorwoodMember

I’ve been a member of the Fitness Forum for a year and a half. The atmosphere and environment here are great. It’s refreshing to be greeted at the door with a warm welcome whether it’s 6 AM or after a long day at work. I’ve met great people on staff and that I work out with that I consider friends. I feel like the staff tries to get to know people on a more personal level and not as someone who just comes in to work out. I’ve been to other gyms where I didn’t feel comfortable working out. I feel comfortable here.


SwampFox Training is my favorite part of the membership. It takes the monotony out of the workouts I would do on my own. I get a good workout without having to plan it myself. All I have to do is show up. The staff puts together a challenging workout each day and I know I’ll be challenged by the others in the group as well.

Kylie CribbMember

I started working at The Fitness Forum in 2007 as a college student. The thing I enjoy most about being a part of the Fitness Forum team is that is feels like family. We have a staff that truly cares about each and every member. Our members are not just another number. They become part of our Forum Family. I have built some of the best relationships with my co-workers and members.

Whitney TaborWellness Director